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Field of intervention / operation : Indicates the field in which intervenes the organisation / institution

Advise - development - extension : Organisation realising and developping contract work or not, individual or group advice or transfer of knowledge or techniques, in order to develop of professional sector or organised group: for example Chamber of Agriculture, extension and development services, project offices, co-operatives, associations...

Education - training : Organisation realising teaching or training activities : for example agricultural college or university, training center

Experimentation - research : Organisation or institution in charge of experiments, applied or scientific research: for example, technical - applied research institute, chamber of agriculture, fundamental research institutes (INRA…)

Other fields of operation : Other field, not indicated before: -*Administration - regulation,

  • manufacturing, production (construction or installation of buildings, constructing elements or equipments;
  • sale (commercialisation and execution of services or equipments related to livestock housing);
  • other field of intervention

Implication within organisation of RMT : Indicates the level of implication of the person within the organisation of RMT

Animator - member of animation council - reference : The RMT has 2 co-animators (Livestock Institute and La Manche Chamber of Agriculture), espoused by an animation council composed of members from IFIP, ITAVI, APCA, Britanny Regional Chamber of Agriculture. Eleven persons are identified as referents on the axes and themes worked on inside the RMT

Representative of one of the founding partners of RMT : The founding partners are implicated in the RMT through a convention of partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Livestock Institute (in charge of the management of the RMT). There are 16 founding partners: Livestock Institute, IFIP, ITAVI, APCA, Britanny Regional Chamber of Agriculture and Pays de la Loire, the Chambers of Agriculture of Isère, Lot, Manche, Pas de Calais, Sarthe; SUAMME, GIE milk and meat of Britanny, ISA Lille, CREPA Britanny, INRA

Representative of one of the associated partners of RMT : Associated partners do not have a convention of partnership. They are identified actors within the network around livestock housing and have to some extent contributed to the construction of the RMT. The associated partners can not be private organisations, but are rather public or semi-public institutions.The list of associated partners is not fixed and has slightly evolved since the start of the RMT. At the moment the associated partners identified are: AFSSA, Agro-Campus Rennes, Association HQE, Avipôle formation, Chamber of Agriculture de Savoie, CAUE de l’Isère, CAUE du Loiret, CEMAGREF, CFPPA de Vesoul, CSTB, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble, Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles, Fédération de l’Industrie Bois-Construction, GDS Avicole de Bretagne, Grands ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau. Certains foreign (non French) research institutes are also associated to the RMT, for example through existing contacts following research or experiments currently running or realised in the past.

Representative of an organisation / institution working in one of the main fields related to livestock housing : The representatives of an organisation or institution working on topics related to livestock housing can be public or semi-public organisations, or come from a professional branch. They can contribute to the definition of the orientations of the RMT, especially through their participation in the steering committees of the RMT. The following intervening organisations are at the moment identified: ACTA, ADEME, CCMSA, Confédération Française de l’Aviculture, Fédération Nationale des Eleveurs des Chèvres, Fédération Nationale du Cheval, Fédération Nationale Ovine, Fédération Nationale Bovine, Fédération Nationale des groupements de Producteurs de Lapins, Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Lait, Fédération Nationale Porcine, le Ministère de l’Agriculture / Bureau de la Réglementation et Sécurité au Travail / Bureau Modernisation des Exploitations Agricoles / DGER, Office de l’Elevage.

Not implicated in the organisation of RMT : Representative of a structure not identified as a founding or associated partner or not present on the list of field related institutions / organisations.

Profession / occupation : Describes the profession of an interlocutor or the public aimed at for trainings or a bibliographic reference

Architect - structural engineer : Architect or structural engineer acting privately, working in the framework of a SICA rural habitat, or a advisory organism (CAUE), or an administration (ABF).

Head of mission - project manager / leader : Technician, engineer working for advisory - extension services, a technical institute, and who is in charge of the animation or coordination of the application of studies, research projects, experiments.

Researcher : Researcher, lecturer-researcher, working for a research organisation or higher education (or university) institute.

Advisor - technician : Technician, engineer working for a development organisation, a head of mission - project leader in advise or development.

Teacher : Teacher - lecturer in (traditional) class training

Trainer : Lecturer - trainer in professional training

All occupations : Concerns all publics of this rubric

Other occupations : Profession - job or public not cited in the preceding rubric jobs - public (trainee - student; breeder or farm worker: farmer or employees dealing with breeding activities (herbivores, pigs, poultry); entrepreneur: manager, responsible or employee of a private company working in the field of livestock housing; other job - public)

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